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Career & Life Coaching Testimonials:

  • I really liked your approach of encouraging me to look inside myself, to get in touch with feelings that I already have about a new career and who I am in this sense. The coaching session left me feeling like I had connected with something “truer” to myself, and our exchange felt much more “emotional” than “mental”. I also appreciated your follow-up e-mail, especially the summary of values I had mentioned during the session – it made me feel really listened to!

  • Kerri has the gift that transforms lives from just living to living your dreams.  Her soft, passionate, and straightforward demeanor embraces her clients to open up their hearts and minds to know they can achieve…My Life has been transformed to living my dreams, and Kerri’s coaching allowed me to achieve them!

    S. Glash
  • Kerri has been my coach for almost five months now and she has made a marvelous difference in my life. She is a joy as well as an excellent coach. I’ve had other coaches in the past, but never have I felt such kinship, aliveness and genuine championing of my ideas as I have with Kerri. Kerri was recommended to me and I can genuinely recommend her if you are seeking a coach with sensitivity, insight and passion who loves to laugh. I recommend her both for the results I have achieved though her coaching and from my heart because she is also a warm and lovely person.

    R. Arian
  • I have to thank you for another great session. Each session really energizes me more and more and makes me realize that I am really someone that has skills and abilities …I feel really good about myself and know that I wouldn’t be feeling this way if I hadn’t started coaching with you. I still can’t believe how I discovered you were coaching and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you.

    K. Such
  • I have coached with Kerri for almost a year now.  I have found her to be a compassionate, sensitive person, who hears beyond the words I am saying and has helped me get to the heart of the matters that I have been dealing with.   She has the ability to gently point out issues that need to be dealt with, and has helped me take ownership and management of issues in my life that have needed to be resolved.  She is my biggest cheerleader, and I look forward to each of our coaching sessions so that we can celebrate together the progress I am making.  I feel very safe with her and know that I can say what I am thinking and she will never judge or reject me.  I …feel blessed to have her in my life as both a coach and now a friend.

  • Kerri started out as my coach, and I now count her as a close friend too. I am so grateful that I have had the privilege to work with her. She has been an encouragement, confidant and supportive mentor and friend. She is an inspiration to me and I have grown and moved forward in my life thanks to her support and coaching.

    S. Chittenden
  • She [Kerri Yates] is fully present, energetic, invested in her clients, a great listener and distiller. She is fully qualified to draw information out and weave it into something powerful.

    A. Beach
  • Wow, I always feel so balanced when I get off the phone with you, like things are more positive and accessible. Thanks. Really, it changes my outlook on my future.

  • Kerri has built a successful private coaching practice and has also been a featured speaker at several public events.  She is a savvy business woman, and radiates grace and elegance in all that she does…Kerri has frequently mentored and coached me, specifically on how to grow my business.  She has the ability to get right to the heart of the matter each and every time.  She is curious and probably makes me laugh more than anyone else in my life!  What strikes me most about Kerri is her ability to connect in an intuitive way with others, her heartfelt kindness, her depth of character, her wisdom beyond her years.

  • Kerri was fantastic! Really opened my eyes to things I never knew about myself.

    J. McClure

Resume & Cover Letter Testimonials:

  • As an executive, I have never worked with someone that has demonstrated so much commitment, passion, and dedication to their client’s success. Kerri surpassed all of my expectations while working on my resume. Frankly speaking, she is an artist when it comes to resume building—essentially drawing a portrait of her clients career via a resume. Out of all of the resume builders on elance, I am so thankful that I chose her to work on my resume! Thank you, Kerri!

    Ed. H.
  • Kerri laid out the resume-writing process clearly from day one, and she was readily available for questions and concerns. Her positive mindset is reflected in my resume. Kerri’s work was fast yet thorough, with close attention to detail. In addition to good work and professionalism, she is also a warm and friendly person!

    Elance Client
  • Its been an incredible experience working with Kerri. She is an expert for covering letters. She took the time to understand my key skills and matched it with the requirements for the position I was applying to. Kerri is a passionate writer and she superbly articulated my thoughts into words. I highly recommend her.

    Elance Client
  • Kerri is a master of the keyboard. ROI worth every penny. She’s also the nicest person ever. 10/10 would repeat.

    Elance Client
  • This is my second job for Kerri and I must say is that her work are light years ahead than what I tossed to her. I consider Kerri as a “miracle worker” for resumes and cover letters and she is very passionate about it. She also communicates well and is very reliable in meeting or exceeding her deadlines. I will definitely use her again in the future.

  • Kerri exceeded my expectations with my resume refresh. She has a very warm personality, very prompt in her responses, professional. In the end, I reviewed the finished product and was like “Wow, this looks awesome!”. I much more confident now than before. I was so satisfied with my resume, I asked her to refresh my cover letter as well. I confidently recommend her work to anyone.

    Elance Client
  • I am extremely happy with all of the work that Kerri Yates did for me in my cv (resume) and cover letter. She is thorough, detailed, and such a warm and lovely person. She researched how to make it the best cv (resume) and really stand out among the crowd. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professionally written cv (resume) to give yourself a cut above the rest when applying for jobs. She was prompt in making any changes necessary and always had amazing communication with me.

  • I gave Kerri my mid-level resume to review and she turned it from decent to great. She was professional and dedicated to creating a quality product. She answered several questions about resume formats and provided advice that demonstrated a good command of resume writing/marketing and drew on her experience as a career coach. Her rate was very competitive and I would use her services again.

  • The project of redesigning my resume was A++. A sincere and honest passion to complete my project is something that makes Kerri stand out. I could not possibly recommend her more. Thank again Kerri. Ryan

  • It was great working with Kerri. From the beginning we developed a professional and personal rapport that was both fun and helpful. She successfully completed the project and embedded words of strength, encouragement, and wisdom in our communications.

    Elance Client