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Hey all and welcome to The 7 Nightingales Center new blog series, “Out of the Nest”, a blog focused on the Millennial/Gen-Z post grad experience.

Millennials/Gen-Zers have been gently tapped out of the nest and are now rapidly flapping their wings to stay in the air. They are hitting branches and getting caught in the rain…but nevertheless they persist; trying to reach the open sky, where they can glide a bit more smoothly. There will always be storms and obstacles, but to be able to handle them, *we* need to first learn to fly. 

My name is Robin (no, I am not the incredible Kerri) and as a Millennial/Gen-Zer (born in 1995), I am learning to fly as well. Through this blog, I will be discussing some of the struggles I have dealt with in my first two years out of college. My focus primarily will be on navigating a first job and changing careers, though I will also discuss and open up about a wide variety of challenges I have faced. 

Most importantly, I will also be including helpful articles, as well as tricks and strategies I have learned, that can offer some guidance and help you work through similar struggles, or for parents, help understand the everyday problems your child might be facing.

For now, stay tuned every Thursday for a new post – and always feel free to ask questions or leave a comment! Til next week…

~ Robin 


Here a couple of great articles/infographics on defining Millennials/Gen-Z to help give a point of reference. 

Infographic on Millennial habits/trends

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