Become a Sponsor
Become a ripple maker...

Partner With Us to Help Our Community:

7 Nightingales desires to make the Greater Charleston Area a flagship of Emotional and Mental Health representing our Compassionate and Connected People. This means not only providing expert-led support groups and programs, but openly fostering meaningful relationships between area businesses and the community.

We cannot do so, however, unless local leaders invest in meeting the needs of local people.

Our sponsors come in many forms: doctors, real estate agents, lawyers, financial planners, counselors, service providers, educators, churches, businesses, and more. If you care about people, and you want to embody this spirit of community, we want to hear from you.

The Benefits of Partnering with Us:

  • Identification at your worksite as a community partner who is “Getting Stronger Together”
  • Your name/organization will appear on all outreach materials for your group, as well as specialized marketing to celebrate our sponsors: Online: Average Reach of 60,350+ Local Individuals Per Event
  • Material distribution & public posters at the Center & across the community
  • At the Center you may speak at your support group or lead programs/workshops if approriate
  • You will be promoted at all Center fundraising events, including: The Kids’ Dance (2018)

How to Become a Partner:

  • Choose a support group from our list of those in need of sponsorship (or, request the formation of a specific group)
  • Decide whether you want to be the sole sponsor or a shared sponsor
  • Commit to one year of financial support for the group
  • Be celebrated and promoted by us
  • Help promote the group: Make referrals if appropriate. Also, share what we are doing together via word of mouth, flyers on your website, etc.

“GETTING STONGER TOGETHER” – Lowcountry Support Group Benefactors

How To Connect With Us:

  • Please call Kerri K. Yates, CPCC to set up a meeting to discuss your interests.
  • 303-709-6748 or

We reserve the right to refuse a partnership:

  • If the services you provide are not in accord with our mission and values.
  • If your services are not at a level of quality to best benefit members of our community.

Thank you!