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Remote Job Listings – Now is the Time to Apply

Please do not make the mistake of thinking now is not a good time to pursue a new job. I will write a few emails about different options on this topic, but to start, here are some existing remote jobs! Please forward this to those in need and subscribe to my email list (choose COVID-19 […]

Resume Keywords

This is possibly the most critical component of your resume in 2020. If you are submitting your resume through an online application and you are not doing this, no matter how good your resume is it may not reach human eyes. If you are receiving computer-generated responses fairly rapidly after submitting your resume that say: […]

2020 Resolution: Leave The Lies

This resolution capitalizes on everything you gained. Don’t add more burdens, enjoy who you have become and what you have learned! Get every thought out of the way that blocks this. Happy 2020 my friends!

Unfilled or Low Self-Esteem?

They are two very different things. Be careful to identify which is true, because what you believe will significantly shape how you move forward (or if you move forward or not).

Find Your *Neutral* Person – (Guest Post)

A “neutral” person is someone who is not a close friend, family, or significant other, AND who will be 100% honest, push you to succeed, and hold you accountable.

•Out of the Nest• On the Millenial/Gen-Z, Post-Grad Experience – (Guest Post)

Through this blog, I will be discussing some of the struggles I have dealt with in my first two years out of college. My focus primarily will be on navigating a first job and changing careers, though I will also discuss and open up about a wide variety of challenges I have faced.

When Who You Are is also How You Are

Across our lives, if we are looking for them, we can uncover so many fascinating aspects of who we are. We can identify the unique combination of values, passions, and abilities that we alone possess. We can define our truest longings, natural gifts, and deepest beliefs. It is a beautiful process; sometimes daunting, sometimes exhilarating, […]

How To Test Your Self-Esteem

If you are wondering where your self-esteem stands, I have discovered a lovely little test. It’s simply this: Have a conversation with another person or group of people. Then listen. Don’t try to add to the conversation. You can ask more questions, but I want you to hear them speaking and, as you do, to […]