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The value of my day is not determined solely by what I get done.

What are my healthy criteria for defining a day as well spent?

  • I was my true self?
  • I expressed love?
  • I felt connected to God?
  • (Your answer here)…

Now, what do I want to do with this information?

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  • Pringle Franklin

    This is one of the most important questions we should ask ourselves. Are we trying to fill our day with pleasures? With self-serving achievements? With one-upping others? If so, we are building an empty life and constructing barriers between our true selves and others.

    Perhaps we are simply busy, working off a check list of chores, and forgetting to be intentional in our use of time. Your healthy list of criteria is very good, and staying connected to God helps the other pieces fall into place. Starting each day with 30 minutes of prayer and reflection before God will allow us to be led toward a higher purpose.