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Businesses Have a Coach in Their Corner” By Keely Brown, May 11, 2007 — Independent coach Kerri Yates agreed. As the owner of Boulder-based Eudokeo, Yates has practiced as an independent life/business coach for the past two years. In spite of the growing number of personal coaches and coaching franchises, Yates said the industry continues to be supportive rather than competitive.

She added that the attitude toward personal/lifestyle coaches has changed for the better.

When coaching started working its way to business it became legitimized,” she said. “It switched from being an alternative method of support to a mainstream method.”

While some coaches continue to specialize in either life or business coaching, Yates said that most coaches actually address the whole person, focusing on issues involving both one’s personal and professional life.

“Bottom line, it’s all one,” she said. “Everything at the deepest level comes back to values and self-confidence. Coaching helps people access that self-confidence to make them succeed and move forward.”

Typically, Yates works with a dozen full-time clients, who come in for three 45-minute sessions a month. She has six part-time clients, who meet with her once or twice a month.

Monthly rates for full-time coaching are $295, with a discount offered for clients undergoing financial difficulties. Yates said most clients need three months of coaching to get where they want to go, although several have stayed with her much longer.

The majority of Yates’ clients are either self-employed or work independently within their fields. These clients tend to come in with a specific agenda they want to address.

“We dig into that topic in a deep way and find out what’s behind that inability,” Yates said. “If you can get a spark lit in that part of a person, they’ll be able to do anything.”

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