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Across our lives, if we are looking for them, we can uncover so many fascinating aspects of who we are. We can identify the unique combination of values, passions, and abilities that we alone possess. We can define our truest longings, natural gifts, and deepest beliefs.

It is a beautiful process; sometimes daunting, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes a bit painful, but always amazing (because we each are amazing).

The real magic happens, however, when we then act outwardly in accord with our true inner selves. This congruence lights us up and, at the same time, provides startling inner peace. We feel energized and that we can breathe at the same time. Further, it helps us to escape the pitfalls of our ego; when we feel at ease with who and how we are, we can break free from grasping for validation and let our focus fall completely on others. Our ease with ourselves enables us to spend our energy elsewhere, and then the gift of being ourselves becomes a gift to the world.

The experience is just as Mr. Davis understood, and obviously experienced; it isn’t always easy. It is a lifetime project that takes work, time, awareness, failing, more work, more time, succeeding, learning, and then trying again. It also takes courage. And yet, doesn’t it seem worth it? To change the world for the better just by being ourselves?

It is an extraordinary thing, as are you, as am I, as are we all.

In it all with you,


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