We all face challenges, but with the right resources, challenges can strengthen us.

At 7 Nightingales, we move people forward in their careers and lives. 

  • Kerri Yates, CPCC
    Kerri Yates, CPCC

    Kerri Yates, CPCC is the Founder of the 7 Nightingales Center. A graduate of Wellesley College (anthropology & psychology), former tech-business owner, and resume expert, she turned to coaching in 2005. She was certified through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in Co-Active Coaching. Her approach is encouraging and warm, while also goal-oriented and accountablity-focused. She works successfully with clients with a variety of goals, both personal and career-focused (they always intertwine).


Our Services Include:

  • Career & Life Coaching
  • Resume Writing Services
  • Educative Workshops
  • Support & Coaching Groups
  • Counselor Listings

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