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THINK OF A TIME: When you were low. Really down. Sad. Scared.

ASK YOURSELF: What beautiful parts of you were still present?


  • – Think about the welfare of other people?
  • – Love your children with your whole heart?
  • – Express your faith?
  • – Look after your pets?
  • – Consider world problems?
  • – Share your feelings honestly with others?


  • – You genuinely love others and can put them before yourself.
  • – You are a fiercely loving parent. Your kids come first.
  • – You truly believe.
  • – You are deeply loving. Your animal’s welfare is primary.
  • – You honestly and deeply care about the world.
  • – You are authentic and desire real relationship with others.

THIS IS WHO YOU ARE. When we are at our lowest, we cannot hide our true selves. We don’t have the energy to put up façades. Consequently, we can catch a glimpse of who we really are.

For example, if you wonder whether you are honestly outwardly focused or if you are more self-focused, pay attention to yourself when you are down. Notice if you reach outside of yourself in thought or deed; if you think about others’ challenges; or if you express the truth of your sadness rather than sugarcoat it. Then, you can know the truth about yourself. Strive to know, rather than just to think. Start believing, rather than just hoping.

You also end up doing two beautiful things. First, you take a hard time and give it meaning. You use it to find the gifts of insight that come only from diving in and looking directly at it. Second, you discover you are strong, because looking at pain and using it for good takes strength.

You are amazing. Your life is meaningful. You are strong.

Nightingales sing in the dark; don’t forget that

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