College & Youth Coaching & Purposeful Companionship

The Unique Benefits of Youth Coaching

None of us want our young adults to face difficulties without support. Kerri offers not only unconditional support from a highly-trained, objective adult ally but also the opportunity for them to develop knowledge and skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. Youth clients will receive consistent encouragement and reinforcement; they will be seen and heard in an environment where expressing any thought or idea is safe. They will also be provided tools, the right questions, and action planning to move towards overarching well-being and achieve goals.

Youth-Coaching Can Help Young Adults to:

  • Prepare for their careers & Interviewing
  • Identify Interests
  • Navigate Challenges
  • Establish and obtain goals
  • Defining what they can and can’t control
  • Explore thoughts and circumstances
  • Access new perspectives and understanding
  • Increase resiliency
  • Consider a variety of choices and actions and enact them
  • Develop a positive, healthy self-esteem and identity

The skills and support they receive can also be applied across their lives to many different situations and for general well-being.

No matter what challenge a young adult is facing, our underlying focus will always be on helping them to develop a positive and healthy self-esteem. As a coach with many years of experience, I have seen over and over that no matter one’s age, this is the common vein that drives my clients towards fulfillment, resiliency, and achieving the lives that they desire (I can say this from my own life experiences as well). Therefore, helping youth learn how to develop and maintain a positive sense of self is of critical importance and a very real gift.” – Kerri K. Rosen, CPCC, ACE

Confidentiality & Parents/Guardians

The Coach-youth client relationship will remain confidential unless the youth client presents information that indicates any form of risk (sexual, physical, emotional) or actions that should be taken by the parent (for example, in the case of bullying). The Coach is also available to speak to schools, counselors, and teachers if appropriate. This will be explained to the youth client by the Coach and discussed continuously. The Coach will confer with psychological experts on any topics/issues that are questionable as to whether a break in confidentiality is required. In cases of significant immediate risk, the Coach maintains the right to contact the police and appropriate social and health services.

Generally, the Coach will express to Parents/Guardians his or her general sense of how our coaching is proceeding and encourage the youth client to do so. If agreed upon with the Client and Parent/Guardian, the Coach can provide more specific observations.

Coaching is Not Therapy


Coaching is not counseling. Coaches help their clientss to develop their strengths and overcome challenges in the present and to become equipped for the future; they do not address healing methods for past traumas (although healing can be a side-effect of coaching), handle diagnosed pathologies (mental health disorders), or “fix” them. Instead, the Coach addresses her Client as a whole and capable person and provides the companionship and tools for them to be affirmed, explore, plan, act, and be their best self.

Coaching, however, can coincide with therapy (and does so well). If a Coach believes therapy is required instead of coaching or in addition to coaching, the Coach will inform the youth client and the parent. With permission, the Coach and Therapist can interact on behalf of the youth client.


Religion & Family Cultures

The Coach will always respect each youth client’s religious and cultural identity. Religious and cultural views can be included in the sessions if appropriate and requested. The Coach, however, will not force the youth client in this area.


  • Scheduling: Sessions can be scheduled weekly (suggested) or on call. Sessions are usually 50-minutes.



  • Resume (one page) – $290.00
  • Cover Letter (one page) – $60.00
  • Package (one version of each) – $340.00
  • Customization, LinkedIn Profiles, Key-Wording & Additional Pages – $100/hr. (billed in 15-minute increments).


Kerri K. Rosen, CPCC, ACE

  • Kerri Rosen, CPCC, ACE
    Kerri Rosen, CPCC, ACE

Since 2004, Kerri has been utilizing her exceptionally personal style of coaching to work with a variety of clients across all ages and stages of life. She is:

  • Certified by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in Co-Active Coaching
  • A Mother (two boys)
  • The Founder of 7 Nightingales
  • An Former Educational Event Coordinator (child-focused, family and adult events)
  • A Graduate of Wellesley College (Anthropology)

Kerri works successfully with youth clients on a variety of goals. She is intuitive, sensitive, and warm while also direct. She is also unfailingly encouraging. When her clients need an advocate who can see their gifts and wonders, Kerri places those in front of them. When they need to just be heard and known, she listens. When they need to be pushed, she calls them forward towards their best actions. She is their cheerleader, tactical partner, and ‘safe space’ to explore what is possible, make it happen, or just be their best and true selves.


  • …When I lost my job due to a budget cut, I was devastated…I didn’t know if I had marketable skills or to what degree…She listened closely to my situation, immediately giving me the feeling that, as personal as my situation was, it also was something that so many people shared.  Asking the right questions, she helped me understand that I do, in fact, have a unique skill set that not only is quite marketable but is really far more valuable even than a price tag or a job title can do justice…I am enjoying myself more than I ever have…Kerri has helped me to transform my life, to be respectful of my own boundaries and needs, to clarify my values, and to continue to live with integrity.  Her tremendous ability to connect the dots, her commitment to my growth, and her keen business acumen are a potent force for making a difference in people’s lives.

  • This team has been a Godsend for me, having spent 20+ years at the same company. Sarah just put together a fabulous resume and cover letter for me! As I am not good at self-promoting, she really helped to point out my qualities without making me sound fake (or obnoxious). Sarah was extremely patient with my schedule and truly, she was just so great to work with during the entire process. I am looking forward to my future sessions with Kerri, as I came out of our first session feeling excited, as well as absolute relief that I am not alone in trying to figure this out.

    Conyers Bull
  • Kerri's insight and ability to catch onto the most subtle of cues, bringing into focus their implications, is refreshing and was --initially-- slightly unsettling. But obviously in the best way possible: she drew my attention to commonalities--linking themes and relationship between my interests, previous pursuits and passions, as well as my skill sets --while helping me overlook things I saw as roadblocks which were preventing me from seeing the bigger picture. A conversation with Kerri, as cliché as it may sound, is like talking with an old friend. The level of care and intention she brings to her clients and their growth is unparalleled...ten out of ten would recommend Kerri as a guide, companion and adviser. She's in a class of her own and won't disappoint when it come to life perspective and ways to move forward purposefully in life.

    Ian McConnell
  • The lovely Kerri is the face of her coaching program and the gracious Sarah is the one who helps schedule everything you might need in order to boost your resume and or linked in. Together, both of these women work seamlessly, tirelessly, and flawlessly. Their attitudes are infectious and will definitely make you want to be more "like them". By that, I mean, they want you to succeed and will never fail to go the extra mile for their clients to help them discover how powerful we all are as individuals and especially when we ask for help. You're never too old to ask for assistance from anyone! I love these women and what they do! WELL DONE KERRI AND SARAH!

    Alex Phillips
  • Kerri is simply the best career coach and resume expert I have used in my entire career. After being employed for 12 years on my last job, the entire recruitment scenario changed, making it much harder to land the first interview. It's virtually impossible today to find a trustworthy modern technical management resume writer, without hiring someone then regretting the cost and the work they did. There are so many out there and it's hard to know if they are reputable. Kerri came through in understanding how today's screening technology works, as well as understanding the Information Technology Manager domain, and how to properly highlight and format for easy reading. Her resume writing got me through several rounds of interviews. In addition to writing several resumes for me - she took the time to show me how I can do this myself. I highly recommend Kerri to help mentor you through these immensely uncertain economic times. She will ensure the interviews keep coming!

    Eric Levinson
  • I researched several professional resume writers / career coaches in the area and, ultimately, reached out to Kerri based on her "web presence", 5-star reviews, and the personal response she thoughtfully drafted to each client's comments. I am thrilled to share she STILL far exceeded my expectations! After leaving my company of 17+ years, Kerri challenged me to dig deep, reflect on personal values, and then helped explore how I could intertwine those into various professional roles. She provided guidance to craft an impressive resume and encouraged me to be courageous in the positions I pursued, continually reiterating my experience would speak for itself. I am so grateful for her knowledge, expertise, and reassurance, as I am now actively interviewing for a very exciting job opportunity! Kerri is also uniquely adept in forming personal connections so, while you are paying for a service, you leave feeling you have made a new friend. If you are considering a career coach or need a professional resume, look no further….the search stops here!

    Lisa Reace
  • Kerri changed the way I think about myself! I emailed her just needing someone to help me update my LinkedIn profile because I was making new networking connections with a dull, boring profile. I thought it would be a one and done kinda thing. Boy, was I surprised! In my “interview” with Kerri, she challenged me to think about what I do and my successes I have accomplished so far (so she could tell a great story on my profile). Then when my role changed at work and I felt helpless and frustrated, she once again challenged me on what I have done, where I want to go and who I want to be. I ultimately was able to stay at the company with a new role that takes me in new and different level. She is a wonderful connection to have and I look forward to checking in with her as my career progresses.

  • Compassionate, validating, warm, insightful, transformation-inducing. . . these are just a few ways to describe the radiant human being and awesome coach who is Kerri. She's passionately committed to helping folks like me; lucky us! In my case, I needed to move productively from a less-than-optimal ending of a corporate job to becoming a freelancer. Kerri helped me deal with every facet of the transition and gave me invaluable suggestions, such as hiring a designer inexpensively on Upwork to make my new web site look more professional. She also vastly improved my already-decent resume. I will turn to Kerri if and when I need more career support or guidance; there's nobody better!

    Kate D