College & Youth Coaching & Purposeful Companionship

The Unique Benefits of Youth Coaching & Purposeful Companionship

None of us want our children and young adults to face difficulties without support. Kerri offers not only unconditional support from a highly-trained, objective adult ally, but also the opportunity for them to develop knowledge and skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. Youth-Clients will receive consistent encouragement and reinforcement; they will be seen and heard in an environment where it is safe to express any thought or idea. They will also be provided tools, the right questions, and action planning to move towards overarching well-being and achieve goals.

Youth-Coaching Can Help Children and Young Adults to:

  • Prepare for their careers (see A.G.E.)
  • Manage challenging situations
  • Identify and mitigate triggers and false beliefs
  • Generate healthy habits
  • Build relationships
  • Handle anxiety and stress, and develop coping mechanisms
  • Acknowledge and work through difficult emotions
  • Establish and obtain goals
  • Defining what they can and can’t control
  • Expand sense of security
  • Explore thoughts and circumstances
  • Access new perspectives and understanding
  • Increase resiliency
  • Consider a variety of choices and actions, and enact them
  • Design and choose paths to pursue 
  • Develop a positive, healthy self-esteem and identity

This is Especially Helpful During Periods Of/With:

  • Family Challenge (separation, divorce, loss, death, moving, transition, etc.)
  • Social Challenge (loneliness, bullying, feeling different, peer pressure, etc.)
  • School Challenge (learning challenges, stress, work challenges, high self-expectations, experiences of failure, etc.)
  • Big Goals (school, work, project, career, etc.)
  • Self-Image Development (self-esteem, self-knowledge, etc.)
  • Direction Defining (career direction, interests, etc.)

The skills and support they receive can also be applied across their lives to many different situations and for general well being.

No matter what challenge a child or young adult is facing, our underlying focus will always be on helping them to develop a positive and healthy self-esteem. As a coach with fourteen years experience, I have seen over and over that no matter one’s age, this is the common vein that drives my clients towards fulfillment, resiliency, and achieving the lives that they desire (I can say this from my own life experiences as well). Therefore, helping children and youth learn how to develop and maintain a positive sense of self at such a young age is of critical importance, and a very real gift.” – Kerri K. Yates, CPCC

Coaching VS. Counseling

Coaching is not counseling. Coaches help their Youth-Clients to develop their strengths and overcome challenges in the present and to become equipped for the future; they do not address healing methods for past traumas (although healing can be a side-effect of coaching), handle diagnosed pathologies (mental health disorders), or “fix” them. Instead, the Coach addresses her Youth-Client as a whole and capable person and provides the companionship and tools for him or her to be affirmed, explore, plan, act and be his or her best self.

Coaching, however, can coincide with therapy (and does so well). If a Coach believes therapy is required instead of coaching or in addition to coaching, the Coach will inform the Youth-Client and the parent. With permission, the Coach and Therapist can interact on behalf of the Youth-Client.

Confidentiality & Parents/Guardians

The Coach-Youth Client relationship will remain confidential unless the Youth-Client presents information that indicates any form of risk (sexual, physical, emotional) or actions that should be taken by the parent (for example, in the case of bullying). The Coach is also available to speak to schools, counselors, and teachers if appropriate. This will be explained to the Youth-Client by the Coach and discussed in an ongoing manner. The Coach will confer with psychological experts on any topics/issues that are questionable as to whether a break in confidentiality is required. In cases of significant immediate risk, the Coach maintains the right to contact the police and appropriate social and health services.

Generally, the Coach will express to Parents/Guardians his or her general sense of how our coaching is proceeding and encourage the Youth-Client to do so as well. If agreed upon with the Youth-Client and Parent/Guardian, the Coach can provide more specific observations via telephone or in person (see F.A.Q.s below). With Kid-Clients, this is more expected. With Teens and College-Aged Clients, this kind of reporting usually generates a breach of confidentiality and trust.

Religion & Family Cultures

The Coach will always respect the religious and cultural identity of each Youth-Client. The Coach will request information about each client and his or her family in a pre-coaching questionnaire.

If appropriate, requested, and accepted by the Youth-Client, religious and cultural views can be included in the sessions. The Coach, however, will not force the Youth-Client in this area.

Sessions (How it Works):

Pre-First Session: For all clients excluding college students, a parent/guardian questionnaire and a client questionnaire will be requested before the first meeting.

  • Kids: we suggest a 55-minute family session where the coach will meet with the parents/guardian, the family as a whole, and then the child. Alternatively, a telephone session can be arranged with the parents/guardian.
  • Teens: a family meeting is negotiable.
  • College-Age: We do not do initial family sessions.


  • Coaching: Sessions will have a focus (goal set with the client) and utilize self-discovery, tool-building, action plans, and follow through (accountability).
  • Purposeful Companionship: Sessions will be about being present, with an underlying focus on developing safety, feeling seen and known, self-expression and, as a side-result, life skills. The coach will include activities such as: active listening, question asking, mirroring, identifying (calling out), discovering, and visioning.

Parent Reports:

  • Kids: Parents may arrange to have post-session telephone calls or in-person discussions about the coaches’ observations. This will be decided in a manner that protects the child’s sense of freedom with the coach.
  • Teens & College: See “Confidentiality & Parents” above.

Specific Ages & Corresponding Coaching Programs & Topics:


THE A.G.E. Program:

Activate, Guide, and Empower your student for their upcoming career and for life!

Through this three-month program, Kerri will activate your student to think about their post-grad life by developing a short and long term career direction plan. She will guide your student through the entire job search process from building a high-end resume and cover letter with keyword integration, to interview preparation. Lastly, Kerri will empower your student through personal coaching in areas such as improving time management and professional communication skills; all to ensure your student feels prepared after graduation to succeed in this new stage of life.

Coaching sessions can take place at the 7 Nightingales office in Mt. Pleasant, via Skype, or Downtown/On Campus.

Please contact Kerri for pricing.



  • Questions about life direction
  • Goal achievement
  • Self-esteem challenges & expansion (resilience)
  • Understanding & celebrating his or her unique personality, interests & gifts
  • Stress (workload, social, loneliness, etc.)
  • Periods of hardship (divorce, bullying, etc.)
  • Motivation


  • Understanding & celebrating his or her unique personality, interests & gifts
  • Needing a consistent, “got-your-back,” safe & consistent mentor
  • Goal achievement
  • Self-esteem challenges & expansion (resilience)
  • Feeling “not-understood”
  • Stress (workload, social, loneliness, etc.)
  • Periods of hardship (divorce, bullying, etc.)
  • Motivation


  • A mentor/adult who provides consistent listening, companionship & affirmation
  • Identifying & celebrating unique personality traits and abilities
  • Self-esteem challenges & expansion (resilience)
  • Social challenges (loneliness, not fitting in)
  • Periods of hardship (divorce, bullying, etc.)
  • Stress
  • Needing a sense of security


  • Scheduling: Sessions can be scheduled on a weekly basis (suggested). For special periods or if more regular meetings meet the needs of the client, twice-weekly or thrice-weekly schedules can be arranged.
  • Location: Our office is in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., five minutes from downtown Charleston.
  • Telephone/Zoom Coaching



  • Resume (one page) – $250.00
  • Cover Letter (one page) – $60.00
  • Package (one version of each) – $300.00
  • Customization, LinkedIn Profiles, Key-Wording & Additional Pages – $100/hr. (billed in 15-minute increments).


Our Coaches

  • Kerri Yates, CPCC, ACE
    Kerri Yates, CPCC, ACE

Since 2004, Kerri K. Yates, CPCC has been utilizing her exceptionally personal style of coaching to work with a variety of clients across all ages and stages of life. She is:

  • Certified by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in Co-Active Coaching
  • A Mother (two boys)
  • The Founder of 7 Nightingales
  • An Educational Event Coordinator (child-focused, family and adult events)
  • A Graduate of Wellesley College (Anthropology)

Kerri works successfully with Youth-Clients on a variety of goals. She is intuitive, sensitive, and warm, while also direct. She is also unfailingly encouraging. When her clients need an advocate who can see their gifts and wonders, Kerri places those in front of them. When they need to just be heard and known, she listens. When they need to be pushed, she calls them forward towards their best actions. She is their cheerleader, tactical partner, and ‘safe space’ to explore what is possible, make it happen, or just be their best and true selves.


  • I really liked your approach of encouraging me to look inside myself, to get in touch with feelings that I already have about a new career and who I am in this sense. The coaching session left me feeling like I had connected with something “truer” to myself, and our exchange felt much more “emotional” than “mental”. I also appreciated your follow-up e-mail, especially the summary of values I had mentioned during the session – it made me feel really listened to!

  • Kerri has been my coach for almost five months now and she has made a marvelous difference in my life. She is a joy as well as an excellent coach. I’ve had other coaches in the past, but never have I felt such kinship, aliveness and genuine championing of my ideas as I have with Kerri. Kerri was recommended to me and I can genuinely recommend her if you are seeking a coach with sensitivity, insight and passion who loves to laugh. I recommend her both for the results I have achieved though her coaching and from my heart because she is also a warm and lovely person.

    R. Arian
  • I have to thank you for another great session. Each session really energizes me more and more and makes me realize that I am really someone that has skills and abilities …I feel really good about myself and know that I wouldn’t be feeling this way if I hadn’t started coaching with you. I still can’t believe how I discovered you were coaching and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you.

    K. Such
  • I have coached with Kerri for almost a year now.  I have found her to be a compassionate, sensitive person, who hears beyond the words I am saying and has helped me get to the heart of the matters that I have been dealing with.   She has the ability to gently point out issues that need to be dealt with, and has helped me take ownership and management of issues in my life that have needed to be resolved.  She is my biggest cheerleader, and I look forward to each of our coaching sessions so that we can celebrate together the progress I am making.  I feel very safe with her and know that I can say what I am thinking and she will never judge or reject me.  I …feel blessed to have her in my life as both a coach and now a friend.

  • Kerri started out as my coach, and I now count her as a close friend too. I am so grateful that I have had the privilege to work with her. She has been an encouragement, confidant and supportive mentor and friend. She is an inspiration to me and I have grown and moved forward in my life thanks to her support and coaching.

    S. Chittenden
  • Wow, I always feel so balanced when I get off the phone with you, like things are more positive and accessible. Thanks. Really, it changes my outlook on my future.

  • Kerri has built a successful private coaching practice and has also been a featured speaker at several public events.  She is a savvy business woman, and radiates grace and elegance in all that she does…Kerri has frequently mentored and coached me, specifically on how to grow my business.  She has the ability to get right to the heart of the matter each and every time.  She is curious and probably makes me laugh more than anyone else in my life!  What strikes me most about Kerri is her ability to connect in an intuitive way with others, her heartfelt kindness, her depth of character, her wisdom beyond her years.

  • Kerri was fantastic! Really opened my eyes to things I never knew about myself.

    J. McClure
  • I highly recommend my current coach, Kerri Yates …I admire her non-judgmental courage in going anywhere in the coaching that I need to go.  She also provides me with her insight in a very supportive way…  she is helping me surface what is important.

  • …When I lost my job due to a budget cut, I was devastated…I didn’t know if I had marketable skills or to what degree…She listened closely to my situation, immediately giving me the feeling that, as personal as my situation was, it also was something that so many people shared.  Asking the right questions, she helped me understand that I do, in fact, have a unique skill set that not only is quite marketable but is really far more valuable even than a price tag or a job title can do justice…I am enjoying myself more than I ever have…Kerri has helped me to transform my life, to be respectful of my own boundaries and needs, to clarify my values, and to continue to live with integrity.  Her tremendous ability to connect the dots, her commitment to my growth, and her keen business acumen are a potent force for making a difference in people’s lives.

  • You have no idea how wonderful it felt leaving your office, such a weight lifted and that feeling of heading in the right direction.

    Catherine W.
  • Kerri has the gift that transforms lives from just living to living your dreams.  Her soft, passionate, and straightforward demeanor embraces her clients to open up their hearts and minds to know they can achieve…My Life has been transformed to living my dreams, and Kerri’s coaching allowed me to achieve them!

    S. Glash
  • She [Kerri Yates] is fully present, energetic, invested in her clients, a great listener and distiller. She is fully qualified to draw information out and weave it into something powerful.

    A. Beach
  • I met Kerri Yates in passing outside Mt. Pleasant and was immediately struck by her present and authentic nature. After our conversation meandered for a bit and she filled me into what she did for a living, we exchanged information and she encouraged me to reach out to start a "conversation" with her. It took me sometime to finally reach out and schedule a meeting but I am so glad I did. As a "wanderful" individual who is looking for a bit of direction with a hunch of where I want to go--Kerri provided an invaluable space in which I could lay everything out and have someone else peek in to help distill it all into a meaningful form. Kerri's insight and ability to catch onto the most subtle of cues, bringing into focus their implications, is refreshing and was --initially-- slightly unsettling. But obviously in the best way possible: she drew my attention to commonalities--linking themes and relationship between my interests, previous pursuits and passions, as well as my skill sets --while helping me overlook things I saw as roadblocks which were preventing me from seeing the bigger picture. A conversation with Kerri, as cliché as it may sound, is like talking with an old friend. The level of care and intention she brings to her clients and their growth is unparalleled. Kerri and I are still laying some of the groundwork for my own path but I am genuinely excited to see how conversations evolve and what directions I grow with Kerri's help and guidance. If you're feeling stalled out, unsure of next steps, or are staring into the big unknown after a life transition: ten out of ten would recommend Kerri as a guide, companion and adviser. She's in a class of her own and won't disappoint when it come to life perspective and ways to move forward purposefully in life.

    Ian McConnell